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Inaugurated national workshop about Carl Marx and José Martis legacy in Camagüey, Cuba
Marx and Martí coincided regarding their humanism, the worldwide reaching of their thinking and their spirit of freedom among many other noble objectives, stated PhD Jorge Luis Varona, member of the event committee. Varona also highlighted the validity of their purposes.

One of the main subjects of the forum is the celebration of the centenary of "Materialism and Empiriocriticism", one of the two main works written by Lenin, philosophically speaking.

The text deals with the knowledge of the Marxist theory and is a critic to the bourgeois philosophy; its contents have to do with Dialectics, Absolute and Relative Truth and Practice as criteria of the Truth, among other matters.

The workshop will session until Friday and for the first time is considered a national event with the participation of delegates from Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Ciego de Ávila, Guantánamo and Camagüey.


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