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Cuba Challenges Washington to Respond to Serious Accusations
Cuba's Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque challenged the United States administration, President George Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice not to keep evading a response about the serious accusations made by Cuba of the illegal behavior of US diplomats at the US Interest Section in Havana, who have served as money couriers between US-based terrorists and mercenaries in Cuba.

The Cuban foreign minister said that US authorities have not yet given a straight response to the Cuban accusations; they have limited themselves to only using evading and mumbling language, said Perez Roque as he cited a communiqué released by the US Interest Section and recent statements by US Department of State spokesman Sean McCormack to the international press.

It is cynical for the US government to limit family remittances from the United States while at the same time plays the role of intermediary of terrorists who send money to Cuba to support subversive actions by mercenaries.

Perez Roque pointed out that the case under investigation by Cuban authorities has revealed three serious aspects: the participation of US diplomats in bringing money sent by terrorists to counterrevolutionaries in Cuba; the in-return action by Cuba-based mercenaries to help diminish the sentence imposed on terrorist Santiago Alvarez Fernandez Magriña (their money source) by having sent documents that present Alvarez as a supporter of so-called human rights groups in Cuba; and the illegal role played by the US Interest Section in encouraging, financing, organizing, directing and monitoring counterrevolutionary actions aimed at destabilizing internal order in Cuba.

Such actions violate Cuban law, US legislations and international law, while they constitute an offense to Swiss diplomacy, which accepted to represent US interests in Cuba and Cuban interests in the United States, said Perez Roque.

Cubas top diplomat went on to ask: What would happen if Martha Beatriz Roque"in reference to the mercenary ringleader who receives the money and hands over part of it to other counterrevolutionaries"lived in the U.S. and were accused of receiving money from terrorists through Cuban diplomats to act against the United States?

The top Cuban government official said that Washington must take the appropriate steps about the attitude assumed by US diplomats in Havana and that the serious actions they made can not be underestimated.

He also referred to the latest provocation by the US Interest Section in a home of a US diplomat in the Havana Miramar district, which was the place for counterrevolutionaries to meet and watch the most recent speech by President Bush while Cuba was making its denunciations.

As to the speech by US President, Perez Roque said it was a decadent and cynical show, an act of ridiculous propaganda and bad taste. He dubbed Bush an exhausted ruler; a president making his suitcase amidst rejection and discredit by his own people and fellow Republicans.


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