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New evidence on the links between US diplomats based in Havana, Cuban mercenaries and terrorists
New proof was presented by the panelists on the complicity between mercenaries in Cuba and Miami and US diplomats with the Interests Section in Havana who try to subvert the Cuban government, an action that violates all legal and diplomatic regulations.

A video recording shows the subversive activities of counterrevolutionary Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, her links with other mercenaries, her subordination to the US Interest Section in Havana and the spreading of lies about the behavior of Cuban authorities - an element often used to spread their subversive propaganda.

Lazaro Barredo, director of Granma news daily, read several e-mails between Roque Cabello and her relatives and friends in Miami in which her request for "monetary assistance" and money remittances from Cuban-born terrorist Santiago Alvarez Fernandez-Magriña - currently jailed in the United States on weapons charges which he intended to use in violent actions against Cuba - is a recurrent element.

The panelists also disclosed evidence of her links with the embassies of Slovakia and the Czech Republic in Havana, where she uses their Internet services to communicate with Miami. They also presented proof of her aspirations to receive the Nobel Prize, as a reward for her misdeeds, and her links with Michael Parmly, head of the US Interest Section in Havana, who is also an emissary in the remittance of money from US-based terrorists to counter-revolutionaries in Cuba.

Evidence was also disclosed by the Director of the State Security Historic Investigations Department, Manuel Hevia, showing that other ringleaders of counter-revolutionary groups, including the so-called "Ladies in White", receive money from these terrorists who live in the United States.

Receipts signed by counterrevolutionaries Jorge Luis Perez (Antunez) and Vladimiro Roca as well as by the leader of the so-called "Ladies in White", Laura Pollan, were also showed by the panelists.

In other messages, Roque refers to other counterrevolutionaries who receive money from Santiago Alvarez Fernandez-Magriña, such as Rene Gomez Manzano and Felix Bonne, whom she called "undignified"
and "shameless".

For his part, journalist Reynaldo Taladrid gave details of the legal basis supporting the Internet-related investigation carried out by the Cuban authorities.

Meanwhile, regarding the decision of the US government to reduce the sentence of Santiago Alvarez, jurist Julio Fernandez Bulte said that trying to overthrow a legitimate and democratically elected government can not be regarded as a legitimate action, but it is a flagrant violation of international laws.


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