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Museums in Cuba, agents for social change and development?
We could call the historical center of the city, in Havana, a huge museum set. At the same time, its relationship with the community and permanent feedback for social and cultural development, is seen as the most important demonstration of that purpose.

These Cuban installations show a special program in order to advance even more in one of the branches of their work: to socialize their task in the community, the school, the work place or the agricultural farm. This is all done for this years May 18, International Museum Day, under the slogan: Museums, agents for social change and development.

Even when the frequent repairs they require prevent visits or tours around the rooms of the museums, they do not stop working in other very important tasks such as to receive men, women and children every day to appreciate what is being exhibited.

A recent productive exchange between museum directors and press professionals dealt with the internal problems of these cultural centers that exist in the same street or municipality where we live and which also undergo the tasks of conservations of the pieces that they exhibit, inventories of their collections, the search for new funds and cultural research, among other tasks.
When these institutions have to close their doors temporarily to get better or be repaired, cultural links that arise from initiatives such as events, music, tributes, workshops or competitions, may and should increase their numbers. The museum is still alive.

Spanish speaking countries are dedicating this year to these patrimonial centers and specially the Consejo internacional de Museos (International Museum Council) (ICOM in Spanish) has made a call to analyze the dynamic role of this entities in society. They should be more and more active, educational, alive and rich every time, for those who work in them and for those of us who in order to be better and more cultured, like to visit museums.


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