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Pinar del Río, Cuba: Contributes with the 70 percent of the production of rice in the province at low prices.
Currently, over 52 thousand harvesters are part of this structure that has been extended from small plots to wide areas supported by experts of the Agroindustrial Complex (CAI) Los Palacios, specialized in that growing.

Those links make possible to obtain new seed varieties, develop several training options for less experienced farmers, as well as deliver some available inputs, in order to keep the delivery levels destined to the consumption of local population and neighbour territories.

Constituted in 1996, the Popular Rice Movement, has a significant presence in the production of Pinar del Río, Sancti Spiritus and other central and eastern regions of the country, and its contributions keeps the cereal in the markets, even when prices have varied for multiple reasons, such as weather conditions.

Likewise, the Cuban westernmost territory reports results in scientific research, fostered by their Experiment Station, a fact that must influence in a better use of the lands, sowing seeds resistant to the tropical phytopathological chart, salinity, and planted to be harvested out of hurricanes season.

Statistics indicate that the rice consumption of the Caribbean nation surpasses 550 tons a year and half of them are imported, hence the worth of alternatives like the popular variant, as experts of the Ministry of Agriculture have consider.

Each idea has great impact before the constant increase of food and fuel prices as well as the climate change, factors Cuba adds to the effects of American blockade, and therefore food security becomes a first order issue to whose effects a work commission was set in the Parliament.


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