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Canada and Cuba, full musical understanding
The event took place in Expocuba , along a day in which five instrumental and vocal groups from the Canadian teaching center showed their art ad received the art offered by students from the conservatoires Guillermo Tomás, from Guanabacoa; Alejandro García Caturla, from Marianao; Paulita Concepción, from Cerro; the National Art School and the Higher Art Institute.

This event was organized by the National Center of Art Schools (CNEART Spanish for Centro Nacional de Escuelas de Arte) and the Canada-Cuba Shorts and Culture Festivals, an entity directed by the promoter Jonathan Watts and which has become twenty years of work between both countries. The event became a party filled with anticipation for promising talents.

In the case of Canadians it was noticeable the way in which musical education in a general middle level education school contributes to the widening of the aesthetic horizons of adolescents. Professors such as Craig Macaulhan and David Townsend teach their students the love for musical forms beyond the topics in fashion.

Cuban teachers deserve the highest recognition because of their dedication and pedagogical excellence. What have managed to do, directors such as Ana Miriam Santana, Greta Rodríguez and Pedro Pablo Gutiérrez (tes, the former member of the Charanga Habanera) with their respective orchestras, goes well over the group practices to achieve a true future seed.

Important personalities from the Cuban musical media, such as Roberto Valera, Bobby Carcassés, Alina Orraca and Moisés Hernández Duménigo (Director of the National Concert Band) and from the Canadian (John Anderson) backed up with their opinions the usefulness of this event.

Simon Cridland, councellor of the Canadian Embassy in Cuba, celebrated the encounter as the ideal vehicle for the deepening of the cultural relationships between both countries.


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