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Spain-Cuba Cultural Cooperation to Be Strengthened
The event was presided over by Deputy Mayor Ignacio Sánchez Coy and the councilors for culture and international cooperation. Other participating Spanish authorities included Martin Sánchez, President of the UNESCO Center of Getafe and Gabriel Navarrete, President of the International Association for Cultural Cooperation.

Cuba was represented by Luis Felipe Vázquez Vázquez, Director of the Coordinating Center for International Cooperation with Cuban culture and two diplomats from the islands Embassy there: Luis Toledo Sande, Cultural Councilor and Francisco González, Deputy Councilor for Economic Affairs.

Also on hand were representatives of NGOs, several associations and other Spanish town councils, including a delegation from the town council of San Pablo de Buceites, Andalucía, headed by the mayor, who pointed to the upcoming Peace Workshop in that Spanish city with the participation, as invited guests, of a delegation of young students from Cuban art schools.

At the end of the event, a statement was approved by popular acclaim, ratifying the participants willingness to strengthen bilateral cultural cooperation ties between Spain and Cuba and to hold similar events in other Spanish cities and regions.

Participants also agreed to increase development cooperation with Cuba in the framework of the existing decentralized cooperation mechanisms, carry out actions to promote Cuban culture in Spain, hold events aimed at exchanging cultural information and support the annual events and encounters organized by the Coordinating Center for International Cooperation with Cuban Culture --an institution attached to the Cuban Culture Ministry.


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