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In Cuba: Celebrate May 17 the Farmers Day
Osmani Pérez Márquez, president of the farmer association in Pinar del Río, stated the commitment of the more than 40 000 members of the ANAP to increase the production in order to replace imports, take in foreign currency to the national economy and satisfy the food necessity of the people.

The central celebration in the province was held Thursday in Minas de Matahambre municipality, a territory that has kept a sustainable work in the cooperative sector, winning the first place in emulation.

The other two places were to Los Palacios and Mantua municipalities, respectively.

Pinar del Río counts on 97 cooperative farms of agricultural production and 382 credit and service ones, many of which are strengthened and work for agricultural diversification.

May 17 is observed every year as Farmers Day, since in 1959 was signed the First Agrarian Reform Law that delivered the land to its true owners.

This day, homage is paid to historic agrarian leader Niceto Pérez, murdered in 1946 for defending his right to the land and the foundation of the ANAP, something that became a fact in 1961.


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