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Uxi, a Cuban magazine dedicated to Free Software and Open Codes by the University of Information Sciences
It allows the access to several programs -even the one used to create the magazine-, all of them dedicated to the Free Software Movement, the Open Code and the GNU/Linux System.

This magazine started through an idea planned in the Forum of the Community of SWL from the UCI and it was widely accepted by its members. In this way began its support from Unicorn Project (Specialized Services for Migration towards SWL at UCI). It aims to be a magazine projected towards the community, and more than anything else, made by the community. That is why it is nurtured by the articles sent by the readers and collaborators interested in promoting this project.

To the moment, the magazine has a monthly frequency, although this may change according to the number of available articles. UXi currently has an Editorial Group in charge of the organization of the magazine and there are also other voluntary specialists, who contribute with articles and content revision. The collaborators are added of course as an essential part of the magazine to this main group that is concentrated in Redaction, Graphic Design and Revision and Correction.

The developers of the magazine grant permission to copy, distribute and/or modify any edition of the UXi under the terms of the License of Free Documentation of GNU v1.2 or any other later version published by FSF; without Invariant Sections, Front or Back Cover Texts.

UXi, an excellent idea to better know the free Software

Without a doubt, Uxi is an excellent idea that makes free software even more accessible to everyone and it gets closer and closer to its community of readers, through its monthly editions.

At UCI, the use of free software has rooted strongly and aiming to expand the importance and facility of use of this important resource, apart from their monthly editions they have also made many activities and events, such as exhibition fairs, workshops and free software festivals, among other events, whose realization is headed mainly to contribute in a constructive manner with new knowledge in people who are strong defenders of the GNU/Linux operation system as well as in those who in one way or anther still see in it some sort of inconvenient or limitation.

The Editorial Group from UXi is willing to accept the critics, suggestions and collaborations which may be sent to their e-mail address: in the same way it also informs that all of those who are willing to receive the magazine may be subscribed by sending to this same address a message that says only in the title: Subscribe UXi.

The staff from UXi extends the invitation to every reader who wish to collaborate with the magazine and send their articles for them to be published and reminds everyone that the slogan that inspires them to continue the development of this project is: To publish our software: the only way towards complete freedom.

For now, the numbers published from the UXi magazine may be downloaded on a PDF format from and from other blogs which thanks to their collaboration and with a gesture of solidarity have become UXi mirrors.

(La Ventana)

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