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 In Havana, Cuba: Cuban Translators Hold Symposium
During the inaugural day of the event on Wednesday, participants discussed topics such as ethics and morals of interpreters; and the challenges of consecutive interpreting, among others.

The opening session was attended by the Ambassador of Egypt in Havana, Andel Fattah Ezzeldin, who gave a lecture on the history of the Arab language.

Also present was Elizabeth Palmeiro, wife of Ramon Labañino, one of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters who remain unjustly imprisoned in the United States.

Palmeiro, who graduated from the School of Languages of the University of Havana, regarded as a challenge the translation, both into English and Spanish, of the legal details of the biased process conducted against the Cuban Five in the United States that led to harsh and unjust sentences against them.

She added that her knowledge of the English language has helped her in spreading the truth about the case and letting people abroad know details of the violations committed by the US government of the prisoners and their families basic rights.


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