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The longest Rumba in Pinar del Río, Cuba
Bands, dancers, soloists, are performing continuously until 8:30 tonight, when the closing event will take place with the participation of the bands Achó Arú, Ayé Oñí and the folkloric company, and also the display of the band 1802 of Bahía Honda municipality and the drummers of Bellamar Orchestra.

Olga Campos Valdés, Chief of the Planning Department of the Music Center, reported that amateur bands of the territory, soloists, and dancers of the Latam Medicine Schools also participated in this Cubadisco.

The starting parade of this fiesta included a conga, a band and the comparsa of the Provincial School of Art Instructors, and in San Juan y Martínez municipality took place a pilgrimage to the cemetery as a homage to drummer Miguel Aurelio, best known as Angá.

It was also held a theoretical event that tackled Africa and its influence in the Cuban popular music. As well as its antecedents and evolution in order to get involved with its repercussion of this continent in the province and the whole country, its relationship with dancing and other cultural expressions.

Africa is to Cuba much more than a part of the slavery history. We are connected by the sea, the night and the weep, but by the blood and the green of the woods as well.

To that diverse Africa, lap of our memory, is dedicated this edition of the Cubadisco, as it is necessary to know it and understand it.

Several criteria were exchanged during the event, deepening on the specific behaviour of the westernmost territory, and counted on the participation of specialists of all over the country.

The paper "The African influence in Pinar del Río and its singularities in Bahía Honda", by professor Ana Berta Ferrer, was highly recognized by the jury.

The event was attended by Ciro Benemelis, Cubadisco organizer; Julio César Valdés, renowned historian by his contribution to the culture of Pinar del Río; Jesús Gómez, musicologist and nominee for this 12th edition, and Caridad Diez, musicologist and record producer.


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