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University Social Work Brigades (BUTS) to Productive Tasks in Las Tunas, Cuba
The BUTS count on more than 9, 300 members in the Federation of University Students (FEU) to boost in this territory three fields: the social, the economic and the training or knowledge.

The project seeks to formalize a thorny experience with nine provincial people's councils, characterized by the conflict in the social relationships and the individual behavior of their members.

Social evils such as the corruption, the drug dealing and consumption, and the marginal attitudes, even present in some sectors of the society, force to the self-management and development of community projects, so that the students of the FEU elevate their social responsibility and help positively in the transformation of their country.

To observe, in a short term, the influence of the social work of the elected university students to boost the task during the summery months: July and August, is so far the main objective.

Cultural, recreational, and political activities, in design process at this moment, will have as pretense to help in the diffusion and the clarification of ideological, juridical, economic and cultural matters, among the members of these communities.

During that period, the medical students will carry out active investigations for the detection of illnesses like the cancer, the diabetes, and the arterial hypertension, and they will develop educational didactic chats with the neighbors to create a culture of prevention.

The students from the teachers' training college seek to carry out workshops about family education and local history, in order to rescue local traditions and anecdotes.

They will illustrate on the vocational formation of children and it is foreseen the offer of English and Spanish courses.

On the other hand, the students of economy will be in charge of fomenting the culture and economic curiosity in the characterized individuals.

The university students that don't integrate this project will be linked directly to the production and to the services in companies and state ministries of Las Tunas, to help to the social economic development of the province.

The members of the Student Work Brigades donate 15 days of their vacations to boost productive tasks and this process is preceded by a voluntarily commitment of most the members of the FEU.

The BUTS, an idea of the Cuban leader Fidel Castro Ruz, gather all the students of the Federation of University Students, and next September 20 will turn eight years strengthening the role of the social tasks in the integral formation of the future professional, with educational projects for the solution of community social problems.


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