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Cuba: No Nuclear Weapons
Rodriguez commented that only US could spend this year more than 700 billions dollars in armaments, an element that generates distrust and fully surpasses the funds destined for the Millennium Development Goals.

He recalled that Cuba has reiterated its proposal to create a fund handled by UN, for which half of current military expenses would at least be destined, to assist the needs of the economic and social development.

The diplomat stressed that his country reaffirms the position of the Movement of Non-Aligned countries (which Cuba chairs at the moment), that nuclear disarmament is and must continue being the highest priority in the area of disarmament.

On the other hand, Rodriguez explained that after the events of September 11, 2001, in the context of war against terrorism, US anti-missile defense project continued and strengthened.

The sectors linked to the Industrialist Military Complex, interested in the construction of the system of anti-missile defense, maintain a protagonist role in the foreign policy of the administration of President George W. Bush, he stated.

With all the advertisement on the development of an anti-missile defense, Washington promotes a proliferation situation and nuclear terror that encourages the tendencies and destabilizing global problems of the international system, he affirmed.

(Latin American News Agency)

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