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US President George W. Bush is desperate because he failed with Cuba
The Cuba issue is one of the obsessions of the Bush Administration, a television news report said last night, after condemning the latest US provocations against the island state.

The network referred to a video conference Bush had with Cuban counter- revolutionaries on May 6.

The reporter claimed video conferences are the latest method the US government and its Havana Interest Section are using to tell Cuba-based counter-revolutionary groups how to carry out subversive activities within the island.

According to the news report, such recent actions speak for the US government's desperation, faced with the achievements of the Cuban Revolution and its impotence for being unable to destroy it.

Bush's position is not surprising because he pledged to destroy the Cuban Revolution right upon taking office in 2001, the television channel recalled.

In a telephone conversation with a Miami-based radio station, one of the Cuban counter-revolutionaries praised the support given to them by the US government.

A tape also showed an official from the US Interest Section in Havana delivering several packages to one of the so-called Ladies in White, an organization the Cuban government has dubbed as the spearhead of Bush's anti-Cuba strategy.


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