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Teams Party Still in Force in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba
The event, rewarded with the Community Culture Prize at national level, is deeply rooted in the local territory, where its people work during most of the year at rescuing dances and songs to be performed at the party every November.
Besides the dance groups, this cultural meeting is also supported by the rest of community art exponents, which helps the population's healthy enjoyment.

Thanks to the zeal of the people, characters like Doña Joaquina and Don Pepe are widely known in and out of town, as well as El Papalote and La Caringa dances and the rhythms that the peasants of the region cultivated since 1900.

In the course of the celebrations, the public can also appreciate other expressions of the artistic chore of the municipality, among them, a festival of rural sprees, disguise fairs, musical instruments contests, serenades and the launching of books.

The history of this party, one of the most famous in Cuba, and its main characteristics, are reflected in a new book that will be soon published by the Arts College Editorial House in Havana.

The text, entitled Catalogue of Peasants Dances of Majagua Municipality, will also provide the readers with dance issues, lyrics and music sheets of all the pieces and their original details retrieved 1980 thanks to an exhaustive research work done by Ana Prado and Joel Bello.


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