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Cuba: Havana historian Eusebio Leal said tourism in Cuba has taken on popular dimensions
In a presentation before Cuba's tourism minister, Manuel Marrero, and local and foreign travel agents and tour operators, Leal pointed out that the leisure industry is a source of development for the island nation.

Havana's historian, who is also the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, extolled the richness of Cuban culture, history and heritage, while briefly discussing the first seven villas founded in the country by the Spanish.

Likewise, Leal commented on local programs for social and spiritual growth implemented throughout the country by the Historian's Office.

He enumerated the actions taken in the Old Havana neighborhood to recover buildings with historical values and the construction of houses for senior citizens.

Likewise, Leal mentioned the educational efforts to prepare younger generations through the "classroom-museum initiative" of restoration programs.

He stressed the need to keep on working to make the Cuban cuisine an asset within its national traditions.

Moreover, Leal encouraged foreign visitors to travel to Cuba with their hearts full of love to give to its people and willing to discover Cubans in their daily life routines.


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