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United States obstructs the relationships between Cuba and Europe
According to Prensa Latina news agency, an article published by the digital news dailies Rebelion and La Republica reveals that one of these new initiatives is the incorporation of members of anti-Cuba groups in South Florida to the work of the US Government against the Caribbean nation.

The article notes that members of these groups are touring Europe with money received from Washington and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) trying to pressure the European Union to maintain its hostile position towards Cuba.

The text also reveals that the so-called Cuban Democratic Directorate (DDC), one of the most aggressive groups created by the CIA, is involved in these actions against the Caribbean country.

The article recalls that the DDC is involved in a scandal for the embezzlement of funds calculated in more than six million dollars, received from the US Government to carry out actions against Cuba.

These new maneuvers take place when the European Union is about to revise the sanctions it imposed on Cuba in 2003, which are currently suspended, and they also coincide with another anti-Cuba event that will take place next week in Brussels, promoted and sponsored by Washington, with the presence of the former presidents of the Czech Republic, Vaclac Havel, and Mexico, Vicente Fox.


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