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Cuban university students will work on the cleaning up of their communities and universities
Antonio Núñez Jiménez Pro-environment Work Brigades will be formed across Cuba on June 5 "World Environment Day" with a grand mobilization of university students, who will clean up their communities and universities during their summer holidays.

According to Adalberto Hernández Santos, national president of Cubas the Federation of University Students (FEU), University Science Week will be held prior to this date, with a focus on highly topical subjects, such as global warming and climate change.

"We want to coordinate with the Science Academy, research centers and scientific societies in the country to have their best representatives come to our classes and give lectures," he said.

"The other matter is to relate students with research centers in the provinces, for them to being able to visit them as a step toward learning and raising awareness about what is being done in those areas.

"The Antonio Núñez Jiménez Brigades will be made up of all those university students who love and want to take good care of the environment, although we want to give priority to students doing their majors on subjects related to the natural sciences," said Hernández Santos.

University Science Week will include presentations of documentaries, films, books and other papers related to this topic, said the student leader.


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