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3rd Traveling Cuban Book Fair is on a tour of five cities in the Dominican Republic
During the opening ceremony in the city of Barahona, a declaration was approved by popular acclaim, demanding the immediate release of five Cubans unjustly held in US prisons for nearly a decade now for defending their country and people against terrorism.

During the ceremony, the provincial governor Juan Rodríguez, Cuban Ambassador Juan Astiasarán and Bishop José Dolores Grullón -honorary chairperson of the fair" took the floor, highlighting the importance of the event in that city, located 201 kilometers southwest of the capital, Santo Domingo.

Municipal Mayor Hanoi Vázquez and the fairs executive coordinator Teodoro Alcántara pointed to the presence at the fair of 15 Cuban publishing houses that brought more than 400 titles.

The events program included several artistic and literary activities, as well as the master conferences given by Cuban diplomats Enilda Ginarte and Sonia Arias and the presentation of books, among them the traveling fairs best-seller 'One Hundred Hours with Fidel.

The literary event, this year dedicated to the world campaign for the release of the Cuban Five -as they are known internationally-- also served to further strengthen the historical, cultural ties between our two nations.

Iván Rodríguez, Coordinator of the Solidarity with Cuba Campaign in the Dominican Republic praised the participation at this type of events of Dominicans from all walk of lifes and the enthusiasm that has characterized the four traveling Cuban book fairs held thus far.

The Cuban book fiesta in the city of Barahona began on Friday and concluded on Sunday. The event is already considered a tradition in all the major provincial capitals in the Dominican Republic.


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