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Cuban cigar roller Jose Castelar Cairo for New Guinness Record

According to Prensa Latina news agency, Cueto is now rolling a 66.93
foot-long cigar in one of the halls of the Morro-Cabaña cultural-
historic complex, to break the world record of a 30.78 meters cigar set
by US roller Wallace Reyes, during the 11th Edition of the "Cigar
Heritage Festival" in Tampa, (USA), on November 18, 2006.

Formerly, the Cuban expert roller established three marks in the famous record book for the longest hand-rolled cigar; the first in February
2000 with a 11.04 meters stogie, again in November 2003 with a 14.86
meters long cigar, and a third mark during the 2005 Habano Festival with a 20.41m cigar.

The first attempt in record to make an odd size cigar was made by
Antonio Ravelo Villanueva in 1994, a Cuban cigar maker living in Spain
since 1971. He set the record with a cigar 2.35 meters long.

Cueto intends to finish the cigar by midweek, during the International
Tourism Fair FITCUBA 2008 underway in Havana. FITCUBA, the largest
tourist fair in Cuba, is dedicated this year to linking culture and
tourism, and to Italy as a tourist source market for the Caribbean


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