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The Deadline for the National Competition The Double Flame 2008 will Close this Month in Las Tunas, Cuba.
In this contest, that annually alternates with the category of novel, all the Cuban writers, except those that have obtained the prize in the last three years, could participate with works not thicker than 15 sheets and they should approch the topic of love in the couple.

The text, original and unpublished, won't have editorial commitment and must be sent in one original and two copies, written at double space, under an alias or motto, in a closed envelope that includes the name and last names, identification card, address and the contestant's brief biographical record.

Until next May 20th the works will be accepted by the Provincial Center of the Book and the Literature, at 21, on Gonzalo de Quesada Street, betwen Lico Cruz and Lucas Ortiz, Las Tunas, Postal Code 75100.

The result of the competition will be made public in the narrative event El quinto sol (The Fifth Sun) to take place in June and the jury will give three prizes, the work that obtains the First Prize will be proposed for publication, but without editorial commitment.

The Festival of Love The Double Flame is celebrated in this eastern province of Las Tunas since 1983 and it included among its purposes the Competition of Erotic Novel since 1998, besides the already existent Competition on Love Story.

During this contest writers and fans of the literature participate in reading spaces of unpublished books, critic analysis and reflection on the topic of love and eroticism, with the participation of personalities of the letters in Cuba.


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