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In Las Tunas, Cuba: Increase of the production of milk and its direct sale to the population
This way, the milk is sold to more than 80 percent of the groceries and the sale points in the rural areas while the province, about 670 kilometers to the east of Havana, has saved to the country some two million dollars in imported milk that in the international market costs about 5, 600 dollars per ton.

A wrire from the Cuban News Agency in Las Tunas points out that this project of distribution consists on sending the liquid immediately to the groceries, which economizes the use of pasteurized milk, saves fuel, tires and other inputs in the transportation toward the pasteurizer company.

This plan is already applied in some 500 groceries of the rural area in Las Tunas, but the figure must increase to reach the total points of distribution.

In the province the best behavior in the rain regime has facilitated to elevate the sowing of pastures for the cattle in order to increment the total of cows to milk.

In spite of the strong U.S blockade, Cuba guarantees a liter of milk to very low price to the children younger than seven years, as well as to old men, sick persons and institutions of the health and the education.


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