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UNESCO Official Admires Use of IT in Cuba
In statements to this agency, the resident director of the UNs Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) noted the importance of the use of the new technologies in education. He said he has seen how they have been implemented in schools in the most isolated spots of the country.

The UN official said Cubas leadership in the achievement of the Millennium Goals relevant to education in Latin America is the result of the governments consistent and continuing policy that began in 1961 with the literacy campaign.

Van Hoof noted that while illiteracy was eradicated in Cuba many years ago, it continues to be a problem in most Latin American nations.

Cuba is the leading regional country in the fulfillment of the UNs millennium goals, which go from facilitating primary education access to reaching high-quality teaching, said the expert.

The inequality in the access to information technology has been one of the topics dealt with in the Congress that had been running since Monday April 21 ending last Friday in Havanas Convention Palace.


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