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Major Pinar del Rio Sugar mill among the best
After four years without achieving that, the first entity of its kind built by the Revolution in Cuba, and in charge of near 60 percent of the provincial program, reached the goal few hours before the 28 anniversary of their first milled cane on April 29, 1980.

In 80 days of campaign the industrial yield outstood with a sustainable indicator of 11.51 points, over the current national average figure of 10, a productive entry that favours the saving of sugar cane and the quality of the product.

From the qualitative point of view, the production fulfils the Cuban pattern of 86-2006 and will be destined to national consumption and exportation, according to the balance made by the Ministry of Sugar, reported Mario Armora, head of the Union of this sector companies in Pinar del Río.

After the restructuring of the agroindustry, along with Guantanamo, Pinar del Río became a small harvester and counts today on two active mills, Harlem and 30 de Noviembre, which will continue functioning in order to contribute with 3 thousand tons over the plan and that way assure the next fulfilment of the territory.

To achieve enough sugar cane availability has been an Achilles' heel for the 30 de Noviembre, with 16 thousand hectares, 3 thousands out of them still idle. However, since 2006, the workers integrate their sowing commitments and foresee a 25 percent increase for the next harvest.

Over 500 workers of the industry, 32 macheteros brigades and 13 combined squads compete everyday against the sun at the southwest of the province, as part of 61 Cuban sugar mill forces, after the transformation of the sector in order to search more efficiency.

Cuba accumulates a five century tradition in sugar production, today with a price that reaches 273,9 dollars a ton in the world market, plus it constitutes a basic food in the countrys diet, hence that every contribution to the sector is appreciated.


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