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Outstanding Social Work Achieved by Cuban's Art Instructors
Gretchen Gómez, President of the Federation of High-school Students (FEEM), praised the tremendous contribution of what she called this 'cultural army' in upgrading the cultural level of the new generation.

"Neither difficulties nor misunderstandings nor shortages, can stop those who are determined to devote their lives to guaranteeing the wellbeing of others," said Professor Roberto Chorens while addressing the 120 delegates at the event, representing the more than 13 thousand art instructors that make up this youth movement. Chorens, who is also a renowned musician and researcher, referred to the recently held congress of the National Association of Artists and Writers (UNEAC), especially the work of the commission on art instruction. He called on the young art teachers to not cease in their efforts to help make the lives of their fellow citizens more dignified and happier.

At the closing session, 14 works were awarded the 'Por la cultura y el humanismo prize. The works were chosen out of 53 papers dealing with art teaching discussed in five work sessions. The event was held at the national school of the Young Communist League (UJC) that bears the name of Cuban Independence hero Julio Antonio Mella.

Lisset Ametller, President of the Brigada of Art Instructors stressed that the excellent work carried out by these teachers to date was just the beginning and that much remained to be done. She mentioned the experimental workshops in different schools in the capital, and other initiatives aimed at improving the work of the art instructors and their results and stressed that events such as this one encourage them to exchange their experiences and work harder towards improving and developing what is already in place.


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