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Cuba announced Sunday that as of May pensions given to 2.16 million people will be raised
" The government decided to increase by 20 percent retirement pensions to honor the millions of men and women who dedicated most of their lives to creative work for almost five decades and are still defending socialism, says the communique.

The note also informs that as of next month, almost 10 thousand workers of the People s Supreme Court and the General Attorney s Office will receive a pay raise of 211 pesos on average for workers and of 425 pesos for judges and attorneys.

The yearly cost of this measure amounts to 27 million pesos and the average salary in the judicial sector will increase from 360 to 559 pesos, or by 55 percent, adds the note.

The increase in pensions will Benedit 99 percent of Cubans who receive such subsidies, who will now receive a minimum of 200 pesos (164 pesos before). Those who were paid from 202 to 360 pesos will now receive 40 pesos more.

Pensions from 361 until 399 pesos will now receive 400 pesos.

Families benefited until now with social assistance will now receive 25 more pesos so the minimum pension in that category will increase from 122 to 147 pesos, or a 20 percent increase.

The note says the country cannot apply salary increases to all workers for now, but advanced that next raises will be applied by sectors and priorities. Those who receive increases in their salary will contribute five percent to social security as a way to raise the funds assigned to that conquest of the Revolution.

When life expectancy exceeds 77 years and the population undergoes an ageing process, there are enough reasons to strengthen even more that social conquest, says the document.

The note summons workers to work hard knowing that increase of production and productivity, savings and higher efficiency are essential.


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