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 In Las Tunas, Cuba: Television Rooms Favor Rural Residents
Those facilities have been decisive in the life of the country people who have full access to the provincial, national and international news. They also njoy a varied TV programming with films and other materials for the entertainment and the general integral formation.

A wire from Cuban News Agency in Las Tunas points out that the rooms are also used by doctors, nurses, teachers, art instructors, and professors, among others, who boost campaigns for the public well-being, like the fight against the alcoholism, the sexual relationships without protection and the habits of smoking.

Those institutions also help to stimulate community actions against the family violence, the crime and the indisciplines, as well as in favor of the reading, the physical exercise, the environment, the breast feeding, the knowledge of the local and national history, among other topics.

The Cuban program of television and video rooms has some 1, 885 facilities with capacity for over 71, 100 people and has given employment to 7, 540 citizens, youths and women mainly.


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