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Cuba Looks at Biotechnology
The event, taking place at the Biotechnology Institute of Plants, of this city, brings together experts from 18 Latin American, European and African countries, with the aim of contributing to the development and biotechnological advance in the world and support nutrition of poor nations, the National News Agency (AIN) reported today.

Participants in the symposium learned of the island's genetic transference in the best agricultural varieties to form banks of seeds with high-power germinative examples, resistant to plagues and more frequent diseases.

About 20 research centers and scientific institutions worldwide will exchange experiences on their labor for three days, as well as analyze realities of this procreation technique and perspective for development.

Carlos Borroto, National Coordinator of the country's Agricultural Biotechnology Program, told press that the systematic export of vitro-maintained banana plants for Latin America and the Caribbean is an example of the quality of Cuban seeds.

Institutions like the Bio-plants Center, the National Enterprise for the Protection of Flora and Fauna, the National Institute of Tropical Root Vegetables Researches, the Oviedo University in Spain and that of Zulia, in Venezuela, attend the meeting.


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