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In Cubarte portal A hundred and six Cuban institutions registered.
The Casa de las Américas, the Cuban National Ballet, the Cuban Book Chamber, the International Cinema and Television School, the National Fine Arts Museum, the Alejo Carpentier Foundation and the José Martí National Library are some of the institutions that are included.

Other references, which can be accessed alphabetically, include the Caribbean House and the Antonio Maceo Study Center, both of them in Santiago de Cuba and the Nicolás Guillén House, in Camagüey.

The Cubarte portal, with more than a hundred and fifty information registries, refers to the cultural life of the country through news, interview, reports and opinion articles. It has versions in English and French and it shows the approval of the most famous Cuban intellectuals, who have left their signature in it.

It also includes a cultural program, links with the national and international press, with sites of interest from all over the world and a virtual gallery.


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