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Around 50,000 youths are expected to file across Havanas Revolution Square on May Day
Fifty-thousand youths united around the Cuban Revolution are expected to parade through Revolution Square in Havana on International Workers Day.

The grand workers celebration will conclude with another contingent of 40,000 youths, who will be headed by the sports delegation slated to participate in the upcoming Olympic Games. They, in turn, will be followed by students, participants in government service programs, and young social workers.

In a meeting with leaders of the Young Communist League (UJC), First Secretary Julio Martínez Ramírez explained that the responsibility of the youth will be to open and conclude the celebration, which shows the trust given by the leadership of the country to the next generation, he asserted.

"It will be a massive gathering of Cuban youth united around the Revolution. We will take a political message to the whole world, expressing our commitment to socialism. Students, who will make up the majority, will demonstrate that they feel this is their commemoration of International Workers Day," said Martínez Ramírez.


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