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In Havana, Cuba: Second ELAM-UCI Forum Takes Place
Cuban university students and representatives from some 20 countries discussed solidarity, racism and xenophobia, and Latin American popular movements

The Second University Social Forum, which took place on Saturday in Havana, is a sample of the debates among Latin American youth.

The forum focused on diverse matters including international solidarity, the human-nature relationship, racism and xenophobia, Latin American popular movements, human rights, and culture and sports.

It was attended by students of the Latin American School of Medical Sciences (ELAM), the Computing Science University (UCI) and representatives of other universities of Havana,

There were lectures by Mariela Castro, director of the National Center of Sexual Education, on sexual diversity and genre identity; and Fernando Martínez and Julio César Guanche, on challenges of socialism of the 21st century.

There was also music, dances, handcrafts exhibitions, book sales and shows on the typical culture of the American peoples.

The Second ELAM-UCI University Social Forum, which included students from the University of Havana, the CUJAE, the Havanas Agrarian University and the International School of Sports, has became from now a discussion point of Latin American university students.


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