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Province of Pinar del Río, Cuba: Increase in the production of food and sectors that replace imports.
That was ratified within a tour of four important companies of the territory by Olga Lidia Tapia Iglesias, First secretary of the Party in Pinar del Río along with other leaders.

La Conchita factory, at 65 percent of its capacity and with six lines of production, according to its manager Fara María Pérez Hernández, is working in order to supply foreign currency stores network, as well as to reduce the import levels of raw materials at their utmost.

Creams, juices, canned fruit and mayonnaise are some of the products this entity provides with a well known quality to the stores.

Concerning raw materials the supply of tomato has been increased by the Ministry of Agriculture, a figure that currently upwards 3000 pounds.

In 2007 they received 117 tons of fresh coconut; this year they expect 220 tons, which will allow making a more quality product thanks to the freshness of the raw material.

In addition, La Conchita works in another variant, the direct delivery of the products to the factory, that is to say, by no mediator; a fact that counts already with six productive structures in Consolación del Sur municipality.

This factory regularly supplies 52 points of sale with several products such as Conchita sauce, canned fruit and jams, plus the compotes children received.

Likewise, the Dairy Products and Comfitures Company outstands for the increase in the production of cheese, yogurt and ice cream, and also for the saving of energy, combustibles and water.

Wicher Rivera Machín, manager of Combinado Lácteo, stated that they have systematically accomplished the supply of the corresponding amount of yogurt for 7 to 14 year-old kids, as well as the one destined to school snacks.

With respect to ice cream production they have been benefited from a state-of-the-art infrastructure that allows increasing the productive volume. So far they have invested in freezers, refrigerated cars, and continue the repair works of one of the ice cream factories.

There are some other centers that outstand in the import replacement, such as Spare Parts Enterprise and "Ernesto Che Guevara" Electronic Components Company.


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