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Adolescence, Prostitution, and Tattoo: Controversial Video Debates in Las Tunas, Cuba
The majority of the youths express sensibility with the phenomenon of the feminine prostitution and in several facilities the reflections have reached he highest expression when any defender of the feminine dignity to inflame the debate quotes the verses of the Mexican poet Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: who in the middle of 17th century said: "Who is the guiltiest: the whore who sins for the money or the client that pays to sin?".

Tania Parra, vice-director for the program Community Video Club in the province asserts that the tattoos receive a bigger number of opposing arguments, "while some youths see them as corporal taboos, lack of moral principles, generally influenced by family religious beliefs, others find in them a declaration of the behavior, or a banal expression of the fashion".

These video debates welcome the 46th anniversary of the Young Communist League (UJC) and the 47th of the José Martí Pioneer's Organization with the discussion of topics on current tendencies that find in the adolescents a comfortable body for the harmful or exaggerated proliferation, due to they always want to be on fashion.

Yudith Carballo Carralero, maximum authority of this Social Program of the Revolution in the territory, stated that approximately 60 percent of the assisting public to these facilities are children and teenagers.

"In Cuba, she said, one is a children until 18 years old and the education is obligatory up to the 16, what facilitates to enrich the debates with personal experiences".

The Community Video Clubs, created in Las Tunas in November 2000, have as cardinal foundations to encourage the aesthetic culture, the sensibility and artistic expression, and to propitiate the communicative interaction among the current generations.


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