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The Cuban film that opened the 2nd UNESCO itinerant Caribbean Film Display, to be devoted to children and teenagers, is a love story between a German and black Haitian woman in the early 19th century at the most prosperous coffee farm in western Cuba.

As director of the Caribbean project, López noted his success at the 2007 premier along 30 films translated by the Cuban Institute of Arts and Cinema into Spanish, English, French and Creole.

Cuba is accompanied in this display by films from Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Netherlands Antilles, Caiman Islands and Guadeloupe.

Lopez called the event opportunity to assess the contribution of cinema and audiovisual materials to knowledge and recognition of each country's cultural details and regional integration through dialogue.

The Cuban filmmaker thanked UNESCO's support in this project through its offices in Havana (Cuba), Kingston (Jamaica) and Port-au-Prince (Haiti).

There were also Françoise Riviere, UNESCO's vice director general for culture, and Maria de los Angeles Florez, head of the Cuban Commission at UNESCO.

Cuban Ambassador to UNESCO Héctor Hernández Pardo said the display favors mutual knowledge, respect to cultural diversity and challenges homogeneity attempts.


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