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Symbolic Cultural Institution of Pinar del Río, Cuba Milanés theater Nominated for Restoration Award
The history of this theater dates back to 1845, when under the management of Vinas Gener company it was named after Lope de Vega, then it was enlarged and in 1898 received its current name.

After hundreds of artists performed and tens of lectures were run and thousand of movies were screened, the institution was undergone to repair in 1970, but it was closed due to its fast deterioration 20 years later.

On January 2007 it was reopened, this time with a total replacement of the light, audio, and recording system, as well as the sanitary networks, the seats and the stage.

Today, it is among the brightest construction works in town for his privileged location in the main avenue of the city.

Among the nominees for the Conservation Award, (six in the country), is the house of Joaquina Emilia Obeso Delgado, located on 51st Avenue in Consolación del Sur town.

The one-story house was built in 1951 with a late neoclassic style and has a perfect conservation of its backyard; the pedestals remain original, as well as the carpentry and smithy, while the preservation of its furniture is really eye-catching.

A year after the National Conservation and Restoration Award was instituted in 2003, the special restoration prize in Pinar del Río went to Pedro Borrás clinic and the conservation one to Las Terrazas complex.


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