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Remote spots in Cuba are being benefited with 180 hydroelectric plants that generate over 100,000 megawatts.
Carlos Manuel Pazo, general director general of the Hydro-energy Company, explained that the above program is part of the ongoing Energy Revolution to save fuel.

Pazo told that the beneficiaries here since 2007 are about 35,000 people and over 500 social and economic institutions.

He added that investments will add this year four plants, and extend current from 62 mW to 70 mW in Bueycito, Granma; Moa, Holguin; Zaza, Sancti Spiritus and San Blas, Cienfuegos.

As key future steps Pazo mentioned running feasibility studies to establish the potential of 21 small plants and build new ones at dams.


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