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 International workshop on gender violence in Cuba
The workshop, sponsored by the International Cooperation Agency from the Andalusia Board and the Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (Cuban Art Institute and Cinema Industry) (ICAIC in Spanish) will analyze the socio-cultural context that generates violence in every manifestation.

The participants will deal with the topics starting from an international movie exhibition that reflects this phenomenon. Most of them are made by women from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey and Cuba.

¿Dónde está Sara Gómez? (Where is Sara Gómez?) by the Swiss movie maker Alexandra Muller, collects the testimonies of women imprisoned in the Puente Grande prison in Jalisco, Mexico.

The movie achieved the award to the best documentary in the XIII edition of the Festival of the Latin American Cinema and Cultures from Biarritz, France.

There was also shown the documentary Señorita extraviada (Lost lady) by the Mexican Lourdes Portillo, on the assassination of more than 200 women from the city of Juárez in the border of Mexico with the United States.

The video achieved the Golden Gandhi to the best production at the I International Festival of Cinema and Human Rights from Barcelona, Spain.

Tráfico humano (Human Traffic) by the Canadian Christian Duguay, another movie from the sample, denounces an international smuggling network lead by delinquents.

The journalist Isabel Moya, director of the Mujeres Magazine, gave out a conference on the theory of genre as a tool of communication media.

Julio César Gonzáles, essay writer and professor from Havana University, offered give a dissertation on the identification of violence in its different manifestationsin the audio-visual language.

The participants hold exchanges with Cuban psychologists, lawyers and psychiatrists directly related to cases of violence against women.

The forum, held at the Cinematography Cultural Center from the ICAIC in this capital city finished with the presentation of books, magazines and other publications.


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