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The professor and general director of that entity dedicated to the creation of knowledge in Spanish language, Ignacio Rodríguez, was interested in learning how in very few years millions of people from Latin America as well as other regions learned with that system.

After offering a conference at the Cervantes Institute from Moscow, the expert declared to Prensa Latina that the foundation based in Cantabria bets on technological innovation as the basic tool for the generation of valor in the process of teaching.

More than 400 million people speak Spanish in the world, 14 millions study it amd 180 thousands persons visit Spain every year in order to learn Spanish, said the specialist.

We research the diversity of our language, which is made richer by the different nuances, by the small details of the different Spanish speaking American zones, which is the source of our vocation towards that region, he added.

Rodríguez explained that Campus Comillas includes in its programs the application of the Spanish language in specific areas such as the business field or the cultural field with face to face lessons as well as distance teaching.

As he commented the most interesting experiences since the creation of the institution in 2005, the expert recalled the promotional course of Spanish for Chinese professors which was taught in July 2007.

We are heading now to the promotion of the Foundation in the world since the strategic planning has already been defined and the first few courses of last year have already taken place. This is the main motive of this visit to Russia, said the general director of the Campus Comillas.


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