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Belgium's Sports Minister, and the President of Cuba's INDER Strengthen Sports Cooperation
The memorandum includes the exchange of sportspeople and teams, as well as sports officials and coaches from both countries. The main objective is to share information on scientific and technical advances in the sports sector and the training of coaches and specialists, sports management, medicine and anti-doping control.

The agreement was signed after a meeting between the two delegations at INDER's office with the presence of Cuban Olympic medal winners Estela Rodriguez (judo), Felix Savon (boxing) and Ruperto Herrera (basketball), Daerden and Jimenez.

INDER's president highlighted the importance of the exchange on anti-doping to maintain standards and keep sport clean.

For his part the Belgian minister said this is the first time he has traveled to Cuba on sport-related issues. He said the recent negotiations should boost the quality of sports in both countries.

Daerden noted that his country is a signatory of the world charter against doping and stated that special attention is being given to the development of this sector at the continental and world levels.


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