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For Cuban Youth Cultural Gala
In the nearby area of the capital's Granma Yacht Memorial, children will honor the struggles carried out by the country's main young organization through music, dance and poetry.

A concert is slated for Saturday at the Havana's Revolution Square, where important orchestras like NG La Banda, Bamboleo and Manolito y su Trabuco are expected to perform.

The recital will be also used to celebrate 20th anniversary of NG La Banda group, initially emerged as a UJC-boosted avant-garde musical project, as director Jose Luis Cortes said Wednesday.

Cortes, popularly known as "El Tosco," praised the young organization's support to the country and reiterated the Cuban musicians' commitment with their popular roots.

UJC first secretary Julio Martinez said that the new generations of Cubans are celebrating this anniversary with the same enthusiasm they face challenges to improve society.


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