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Cuba plans 24-hour television channel in the first half of this year with foreign content
Cuba plans to start a 24-hour television channel in the first half of this year that would draw most of its programming from broadcasters in other countries, a government media official said. Speaking Wednesday night on the fringes of a writers congress in Havana, Luis Acosta, vice president of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, did not comment on the content of the new channel's broadcasts but said about a dozen countries would contribute.

Acosta said his institute plans to invest about 15 million dollars this year on new equipment and the modernization of Cuban television.

Observers said the media developments indicated that the Cuban population was being prepared for reforms after a half-century of isolation.

Since Raul Castro took over as president from his ailing brother, Fidel Castro, in February, the Cuban government has introduced changes that include allowing its citizens to purchase cell phone service, computers and foreign electronic appliances as well as stay in high-end hotels previously limited to high-level officials or tourists.


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