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Deported from Costa Rica Cuban Woman
The Cuban dissident had taken to living in the airport terminal for fear of reprisals if she returns to Cuba, travelling to Costa Rica on a TACA flight from La Habana to San José, seeking refuge from her native country.

The court decision was made known on Tuesday, the magistrates deciding to reject the action of habeas corpus presented by the woman.

The director of Migración y Extranjería confirmed that Yuderci was deported on Tuesday at 6:00pm after living in the airport terminal for fifteen days being watched over by airline officials.

The dream of the 30 year old woman of living a life in Costa Rica were shattered with the decision of the court after landing in the country on March 11.

Zamora said that the woman had tried to enter El Salvador with fake documents - a false visa and altered identification, telling immigration officials there that she was Stacy Gissete Rojas, which prompted Salvadoran officials to return her to Costa Rica her place of origin into El Salvador.

Once she returned to Costa Rica, the woman filed an action for habeas corpus with the Constitutional Court, which ruled on the case on March 14 but did not make the decision public until the 26th.


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