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Mar 28 The Third Festival
Approximately 60 guests coming from other provinces are part of this experience summoned by Hermanos Saíz Associations (AHS) branch in this province and other institutions. This is a proposal for celebrating the 35th anniversary of "Nueva Trova" Cuban Movement, bequeathed by authors such as: Silvio Rodríguez, Liuba María Hevia, Gerardo Alfonso, Frank Delgado and Carlos Varela.

Teatro Avellaneda and Casa del Joven Creador are the official places for the concerts and night gatherings, though the program also includes the presentation of documentaries, conferences, and performances of different artists coming from "Nicolás Guillén" Art School.

Longina Festival carried out in Santa Clara city, is the main event for the young artists of this genre, place where successful songwriters as Alain Garrido and Diego Gutiérrez were born;

Reinaldo Rodríguez, Harold Díaz, and Wilfredo González are among the most important Trova artists linked to AHS in Camagüey, organization that recognizes as its honor members María Eugenia Blanco and Antonio Batista.

"Trova Ilesa" will be concluded on March 30th; it was inaugurated in 2005 for giving continuity to the aesthetic flow that was born in 1972 in Manzanillo city, where the first National Meeting of the Young Trova took place.

Its artistic values have their origin in the Traditional Trova that emerged in the second half of the 19th Century and in the "Feelings" of 1940s and 50s.


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