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Guanahacabibes: A Rural Region and Savage for the Tourism in Cuba
To start, the infrastructure was improved, a key element to carry out any project. These primary works include roads, heliport, telephone, radio and television, drinking water and electricity.

The tourist demand of the zone made Maria la Gorda to extend little by little, and now counts on 54 accommodations, with an enlargement project of 100 new capacities.

Tourists had not only arrived the tourist facilities, especially Maria la Gorda by car, it had also begun a spontaneous arrival of several ships demanding food and fuel service, which led to build a merchant navy in Morros de Piedra in order to assist the sea route of the Peninsula.

With respect to foreign collaboration, the office signed a cooperation project aimed at strengthening the integral development of the region with the Canadian International Development Agency.

During 2007 two sea expeditions were developed all along the coasts of the Peninsula to widen and update the number of terrestrial and marine molluscs, this task recognized 12 stations of nine diving spots, and 25 non-registered species.

Olga Lidia Tapia Iglesias, first secretary of the Party in the province pointed out the importance of the encounter, which makes possible that all the entities directly related become aware of this project.

She also praised the effort, perseverance and demand of the members of the Office for the Integral Development of the Peninsula, especially Commander Julio Camacho Aguilera and Gina his wife, both of them in charge of this goal.

On his side, Camacho Aguilera referred to the significance of this project, reason for which Cuban State has work hard since the triumph of the Revolution in order to preserve the territory and achieve a sustainable development, taking into account its fragility and so many treasures.


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