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Project Called
The project called 'Raíces (Roots), which Suleimy founded and currently directs, has been very favorably welcomed by the Young Communist League (UJC) and the José Martí Brigade of Art Instructors, as well as by renowned personalities like Eusebio Leal, Alberto Menendez, Iraida Malberti and Carlos Alberto Cremata.

Graduated from the Eduardo García Delgado School of Art Instructors and a member of the José Martí Brigade, Suleimy is working in the Abraham Lincoln primary school, in the Havana municipality of Playa and the Miramar movie theater serves as her projects main venue, where she develops an intense artistic activity with a great sense of commitment to her community.

It was not long ago that she received a brief note from Leal, which she treasures in a frame. The message reads: "Dear Suly, I received the report you kindly sent me and which summarizes the tireless, praiseworthy work being developed by the Roots childrens group. I appreciate everything you have accomplished within your community, your great contribution to enriching childrens spiritual life, while they also enjoy themselves."

The members of Roots, which Suleimy started when she was in the fourth year of university studies, consider themselves to be followers of La Colmenita, the main childrens cultural group in Cuba and maybe one of the worlds most original. Regarding the work being developed by the Roots project, Carlos Alberto Cremata, Director of La Colmenita, said recently: "The projects name 'Roots is the right one, since the group works enthusiastically toward preserving their traditions and roots with a great sense of their Cuban identity. Regarding the groups works, I was particularly impressed by 'Espantapájaros (Scarecrow).

"Raíces, just like the Cienfuegos group Abracadabra, directed also by a theatre instructor, indicates that this is a better present and that the future is actually very promising. This shows everything that we can accomplish with the art instructors within the Battle of Ideas program. We need to create many childrens groups like La Colmenita, Raíces and Abracadabra," he concluded.

Raíces has had a very positive influence on the community where it is based. It is a group of amateur artists, children and adolescents, whose artistic productions enjoy great prestige in the country with outstanding performances in festivals like 'Cantándole al sol.


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