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The meeting was organized by the Working Federation of Havana and were invited the women who worked in different workshops, stores and factories of the city.

In that event several leaders of Pro-organization Committee of the Working Woman, of the textile Union and a delegate of the shoemakers made speeches ad a worker recite a poem.

The 8th of March celebration not always had public character, since only Clara Zetkin, the German born communist fighter, fought against the oppression and rise as a flag of the fight for the women of the country.

The first International Women Day was organised in the USA in the end of February 1908, a day when the socialist women organization called for huge public demonstrations to fight for the rights of the women, for their right to vote and for their political and economic rights. Next year about 2,000 people took part in the demonstrations to celebrate the Women Day in Manhattan, New York. In 1910 feminist and socialist from all over the country joined the celebration of this day of popular mobilization.

The Second conference of Socialist Women was held din Copenhagen, Denmark, the 27 of August 1910 and established the 8 of March as the International Womens Day. Over 100 delegates from 17 countries representing unions, socialist parties and workers organizations took part in this conference.

The US representatives had the proposal of establishing an international women day. At the end, the proposal was presented by Clara Zetkin and Kathy Duncker (members of the German Socialist Party). It proposed that the International Women Day must have international character.

The International Womens Day has been celebrated for eight decades. Men and women, who work for womens causes, celebrate all over the world the efforts women have made to reach equality, justice, peace and development.

Far beyond national frontiers and ethnic, language, cultural, economic and political differences, women from the five continents organize new events to celebrate this day and endorse the conscience that they deserve not only half of the obligations, but also of the rights.


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