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According to the report "Demographic Indicators. Cuba and its Territories", published on the ONE website, the Cuban population decreased from 11,239,043 to 11,237,154.

Although the number of births increased in relation to 2006, the combination of deaths and migrants tilted the balance towards a decreasing tendency, according to the ONE.

The ONE's predictions are not encouraging, as the Cuban population is expected to decrease by 26,000 by 2020.

Meanwhile, demographic aging increased, as 16.2 percent of the Cuban population is over 60 years of age, compared to 15.9 percent in 2006.

After the demographic boom in the 1960s and 1970s, when an average of 250,000 children were born, Cuba's population began to decrease in the 1990s, and that tendency persists.

According to Cuban demographic authorities, that tendency is similar to the one reported in developed countries, and has resulted from Cubans' high educational level and the economic crisis that affected the country in the 1990s.


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