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The 9th International Documentary Film Festival in memory of Santiago Alvarez in Santiago de Cuba.
The documentary films --mostly dealing with social issues-- will compete for the Grand Prize which this time consists of a digital camera. The event is sponsored by the Santiago Alvarez Office attached to the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) and Venezuelas Amazonia Film Foundation.

The jury will also grant the first, second and third prizes and others in the categories of direction, script, editing, photography and sound design, while the Telesur network will grant a cash prize.

The jury will also grant a prize to the Best First Work and a Special Prize to the best collective work by documentary makers under 35 years of age.

Lázara Herrera, Director of the Santiago Alvarez Office, said it was hard to choose the competing films from the 150 works received, dealing with very interesting issues.

The events jury is made up of renowned world personalities, who will be in charge of evaluating works by documentary makers from Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, the United States, Denmark and the United Kingdom, among others.

Dedicated to Spain, which won the Grand Prix three times in a row, this years event will have the Sala Dolores theatre movie as its main venue, as well as the Cuba and several other theatre movies in the city of Santiago de Cuba and the small village of El Cobre.

Other venues include the UNEAC headquarters in Santiago de Cuba and some 20 video centers and even higher education centers.

A new feature in this years event will be the showing of documentary films on a huge screen that will be placed at the Aguilera cultural square for the general public to enjoy.


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