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Guama will be the first in the country to be fully supplied with electricity produced by hydro-electric generators in Cuba
Specialists from the Santiago de Cuba Hydro-energy Management Unit are working in the eastern province to complete connections on 12 of the 17 hydroelectric power station installed in the mountainous municipality of Guamá. Once finalized, this will turn the area into the first in the country to be fully powered with clean energy.

According to experts, this action will be the initial point of a comprehensive program that will last several years and aims at turning hydro-energy into the main source of electric energy for the coastal stretch running south of the Sierra Maestra Mountain Range.

Engineer Ángel Luis Ricardo, a technical advisor for the National Hydro-energy Group, explained to the Juventud Rebelde newspaper that by taking advantage of the areas abundant rainfall and its topographic conditions, the mountainous area will be able to gradually cover its own local energy demand as well as help to supply the national electric grid.

Guamá, a territory crossed by more than 30 rivers that flow into the sea from the surrounding mountains, will have 17 hydroelectric installed that provide electricity to around 7,000 people living in isolated communities, such as La Plata, Palma Mocha, Peladero and Mar Verde del Turquino. The new generators will not only supply energy to homes but also to workplaces and human service facilities.

The residents of the municipality have forged a culture based on using the natural resources of the area, and, according to the specialists, this is also a strong point in the protection and preservation of the technology in cases of bad weather.

This accomplishment, in keeping with the priority given by the country to the use of alternative sources, makes this municipality an example of how hydro-energy can become important energy reserve for the island.


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