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March 3 in Havana at the 10th International Encounter on Globalization and Development Problems.
The gathering, which will be attended by 1,000 experts from 52 countries, will allow for a rich exchange of opinions and positions on the theme of globalization, said the vice-president of Cuba's National Association of Economists and Accountants (ANEC), Esther Aguilera in statements to PL news agency.

Aguilera recalled that Revolution leader Fidel Castro was the main promoter of this kind of conferences, when in 1998, he raised the need for a space to listen to and discuss opinions relevant to the major problems pending on the world economy and he stressed the importance to gather experts from different trends of todays economic thinking.

The encounter will also be attended by sociologists, jurists and other professionals in an effort to widen the scope of the analysis on globalization and development problems, said Aguilera.

In general terms, the forum considers the dynamics of world processes in the context of international economic relations and the developments that have been in the news between each annual gathering.

This year, the forum will focus on the sub prime issue in the United States , which led to a financial crisis with an impact on this and other regions of the world, said the ANEC vice-president. She added that integration will be a theme high on the agenda of the forum, which will also consider the performance of the Andean Community (CAN) and the South Common Market (MERCOSUR). Participants will also discuss the prospects of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas integration project (ALBA) for the region, she explained.

The forum will also look at the negative impact by the Free Trade Agreements with the United States on regional countries, as well as the tendencies and manifestations of such treaties.

Other issues for discussion are the Doha negotiations, the World Trade Organizations latest events, the international financial structure, cooperation for development, public policies and the experiences of countries like Brazil , Russia , China , India and South Africa .

The forum expects the attendance of the presidents of Rafael Correa, of Ecuador ; Evo Morales, of Bolivia , as well as Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez, Bishop and Chancellor of the Vatican s Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Aguilera announced. Also expected at the forum are Nobel Economy Laureates Robert Mundell (1999) and Eric Maskin (2007), plus representatives of 20 international and regional agencies like ECLAC, UNCTAD, WTO, IMF, among others.


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